Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Autumn Leaves

I't getting colder and colder each day. I dont want winter to come, as they promise it to be ice-cold. Some days ago I bought Vogue to look at new editors' work. It's a pity, but a magazine starts to be about clothes, outfit and cosmetics. But it used to be about life slyle and fashion as an art. I really don't like the style of it now. It's a pity.
As the weather is getting really cold, we wore trenches and now it's time for coats already and I'm going to buy myself something really classic and beyond the changing fashion so to say. The coat that you'll wear every year, of a great quality and out of time.
Here are some photos made 2 weeks ago.


  1. Очень оригинальны: стиль,фотогрaфии,блог!